Thank you M.

The is a cashier Bonus in Kringlan who always bags things up for me. Like they do it in America. Also, she goes the extra mile to talk English to foreigners. She always says “Good Morning”, and she always says “Good Bye”, too. I don’t know if she is always happy, but at least she smiles for the customers.

Somehow, this assistant definitely makes an effort to make you feel better. And you really do feel better, when you hand money to someone and get the feeling that your cash is appreciated. I don’t say I always and deliberately choose the queue that this cashier serves at, that would be creepy. But I’m always glad if thing turn out that way.

Maybe no one, here in Iceland work in commerce for long, because they don’t think they are being appreciated. And maybe the owners  do not realize not realize how much a good salesman/saleswoman brings in, at the end of the day. That’s why I want to say: “Happy Commerce Holiday” to all you sales people. An especially to that you lady in Bonus in Kringlan. The one that always bags things up for me.

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