“Still whining about the Holocaust”

Professor Stefán Ólafsson professor writes strange article on his website, where he wonders why some people still want to speak communism being bad policy . I mean what is it with these people, it was two whole decades ago !

Stefan says among other things: “One would have thought , that this ghost had been put to rest in our part of the world , with the collapse of Soviet System aronund 1990. Many supporters of communism in the West had in fact abandoned ship long before that. the. The time of communism seemed very much over.” [Translation: PB]

Then follows a failed imagery of a communism ghost that libertarians are supposedly raising from the dead to direct attention away from  how bad capitalism is. Stefán Olafsson adds:

But why are radical libertarians , such as Thor Whitehead and Hannes Hólmstein, writing history and picture books about long dead ideology ? Or holding conferences and Tea Parties to discuss crimes committed to 70 to 100 years ago?

They even got the fair and pleasant Egill Helgason to pour tea at the séances today. ” [Note: Egill Helgason is a popular Icelandic TV talk show host.]

Seventy to one hundred years ago? So what, from 1912 to 1942 ? Is that communism’s evil period ranges according to Stefan Olafsson ? The communism hadn’t even began to spread communism round the world back then . What about all the purges at the end of World War II ? Occupation of the Baltic States ? Coups and electoral frauds in Eastern Europe? Invasion of Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 ? What about Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”, which cost tens of millions of lives ? Does this not count?

One the people present to these ” séances” was Anna Funder , author of Stasiland. A large part of that book takes place in the long-forgotten 80’s. The decade when Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Radiohead were founded. The decade when Spaugstofan  started . Those who died in the protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and those who died in Lithuania in 1991 would be in their forties today. It is truly amazing how people are still making fuss about this.

There is no further then communism to an end in our part of the world I is thirty two years old today managed to learn the geography of their suf the People’s Republic of Poland had these neighbors : the USSR , Czechoslovakia and East Germany . Indeed, had seven children , of course, to learn long names : Union socialist USSR , Tékkóslóvakíska Republic and the Democratic Republic of Germany . Not figured into my mind that this skill would Obsoletes within four years .

And of course, it’s not like communism is all dead and gone . Not in Cuba . Not in North Korea. Not in China. People call themselves communist education without ashamed of it and people are always willing to deny these facts for this policy and its relatives . In August, a series of courses held under the banner of Marxism and the whole four teachers at the school late summer root in Víðsjá Broadcasting. One workshop focused on the need for revolutionary wing political party ( revolution is nothing krúttorð , it means ” violence” , people are hit and people die ) . MPs attended this event. Reading list for some classes consisted of works by Marx and Lenin .

I do not use big words , but I must admit that I find this a bit odd. But maybe I’m just so old. I mean I must be. After all I was born in a communist state . I must be at least seventy .

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  1. Dear Pawel, May I remind you that the Communist party in the Czech Republic still gets 12-15% of votes in the elections? They are probably funded by Russia, which, although no longer officially communist (but there is a Communist Party in the Douma), in fact ideologically dormant, still has it’s eyes on what they consider to be their “sphere of influence” in Europe, including your country, Poland.

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